Current turnaround time is 8 weeks

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I'm happy to answer any questions, but please read my FAQ first.

Accurate Molds, LLC

PO Box 17
Centerville, Utah 84014

Mold Guarantee:

Molds are guaranteed to be free of physical defects and to produce the diameter(s) ordered, using the alloy stated on the order form, within the .002" tolerance window as ordered. For more details about diameter precision, please see my FAQ.

Molds are not guaranteed to produce any specific bullet weight.

Return Policy:

To return a mold that you feel is defective, send it to the above address. If you have a dispute with the as cast diameter I will test it with your stated alloy. Defective molds will be replaced or refunded, your choice, and I will refund your return shipping cost.

Returns are accepted only from the original purchaser and within one month of purchase.

Visa requires that I post the following phone number: 801-683-9383 to be used in case of credit card dispute only.

PLEASE do not attempt to use this number for any other purpose. I am virtually deaf, so the phone is useless to me.