Current turnaround time is 8 weeks

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Ordering a New Design

If you want a design that's not already in the catalog (please look first; it might be in there), you have several options:

  • Many people start with an existing design in my catalog, mark up the desired changes, and email me the modified drawing. Simple changes can be described via email. With either method, I enter the new drawing in the catalog for your approval before ordering.
  • Some folks describe their desired changes using "Special notes" when ordering. This is fine, but be very clear in your description to assure that you get what you really want.
  • For an entirely new design, you can send me your drawing or your sample bullet. I am unable to exactly duplicate a sample because I am no better equipped to measure it than you are.


Considerations for New Designs

Before requesting a new design, please note my tooling limitations:

  • Maximum bullet length is 1.375"
  • No round nose, and no spitzer. My tooling requires a .18" minimum diameter flat nose (meplat).
  • No groove or boat-tail or heel which is more than .06" smaller diameter than the bands above it. Example: .460" bullet, lube or boat-tail diameter cannot be less than .400".
  • Minimum groove diameter of .255", so 30 caliber is about as small as I can do. 7mm will have shallow grooves and no gas check.
  • No square grooves, or square shoulders. I require a minimum 55 degree (from the bullet's axis) bevel.

Please do NOT just tell me your chamber throat dimensions to have me design the perfect bullet for you. There are not enough hours in the day, and I do not hire as a designer. I need your desired BULLET dimensions.

Also, my CAD software does not accurately render 3D volume. If you request a particular weight, I will guestimate it as closely as I can. But if you need an exact weight, it is up to you to provide a dimensioned drawing which will produce that weight with your alloy.

Once I have added your new design to the catalog, you can order it the same way and for the same price as any similar design in the catalog.