Configure Bullet Mold


Before ordering a mold:
Click on the desired bullet drawing in the catalog to see a dimensioned drawing and notes. It is your responsibility to take measurements to assure fit and function in your gun. Even if I drew the design for you, I cannot guarantee fit because I cannot measure your firearm.

If you have mentioned any special requirement in previous communication with me, such as different diameter front band, odd GC shank diameter, etc., please enter that information in "Special Notes" when ordering. I do not review old emails when processing an order, and I'm not gonna remember an earlier conversation. Diameters requested in "Special Notes" will receive my default tolerance window (positive, negative, or centered) of my best judgement unless stated by you.

Brass molds can warp if overheated. This will not happen with normal casting temperatures, where the mold block typically reaches about 375 degrees. If you preheat your molds, be careful not to get brass too hot. Brass makes a great mold block, but cannot be abused. I do not guarantee against warpage.